Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Your golden ticket to safety and security

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     As you explore my blog, you may still be wondering what it is that I do. Yes, I am an attorney specializing in the areas of elder law, tax law, Medicaid planning, and estate planning; however, what does that REALLY mean?

Some examples…

  • I protect your family from excess taxes, attorney fees, court fees time and delays that can occure upon your passing.
  • I help make sure that what you’ve worked a life time building goes towards your family in a tax efficient maner without excess time and court fees.
  •  I protect your children's inheritance from inlaws and make sure your legacy continues down your bloodline.
  •  I help you leave a legacy to your loved ones with asset protection from lawsuit creditors.
  • I make sure that after you are gone that your spouse gets the assets, but if your spouse is remarried the assets go to your children.
     As an attorney, I find personalized legal services to be very important. I can assure that I have a unique and comprehensive system that takes a customized approach to achieving the right results. Every way of reaching the desired result is unique to the client. Do not be fooled by the idea that legal documents alone can accomplish your goals. In fact, many people have tax, probate or other legal risks that they aren't even aware of. Our unique approach to your legal needs starts with counseling. We learn about you, your family, your estate and your goals. Next we inform you of the risks associated with your estate and the solutions to provide the results your are seeking. We don't try to fit you into our plan. We customize a plan that fits you and your family. Are legal services unaffordable? If anything, the money invested into establishing a sound estate plan will certainly benefit your family in many ways. For most clients the investment in a sound estate plan is just a small fraction of what their family will really pay without one.

    Using the services of an attorney is important. It is equally important to use an attorney that has the skills in the area of law that seeking help with. In many ways, attorneys are like doctors. There are attorneys that have general practices and there are those who focus their knowledge and skills in one specific area. Would you want a real estate attorney handling a criminal matter for you? Of course not. The same is true with elderlaw and estate planning. You worked a lifetime building an estate and you only have one chance to get it right when you become ill or pass. Don't trust a generalist to perform a very complext and important task. My area of practice is limited to estate planning and elderlaw. On top of all of that, I come with an added bonus; I am also a CPA. Today, not many elder law attorneys have the added benefit of also being a CPA. Why should that matter to you? When you apply for Medicaid, a three year audit is done. Since I am a CPA, my team is very good at preparing packages that leave a trail for the medicaid audit. This helps your claim for benefits get processed without confusion. I understand exactly what they are looking for and how to present it to them. What about taxes? The way you leave your estate to your loved ones can have tremendous tax results. In planning your estate you must consider, income tax, capital gain tax, estate tax, gernation skipping  transfer tax and the combined result of all taxes together. My skills as an attorney and a CPA help me advise you accordingly.

    In addition to our estate and elderlaw practices my firm offers a full range of legal serivices from Tax Law to Family Law to Litigation and Commercial Real Estate. This gives you the combined benefits of a team of attorneys that focuse on your area of law with the resources and support of entire law firm that can help you with other needs as they arise. With all sincerity, I assure that you will not regret trusting me. The protection I will provide you and your family with will be proven through my relentless efforts to bring forth the best service possible to each and every one of my clients.